an inquisitive mind
Polymathic pursuits might have become an antiquated concept; Nevertheless, it has not stopped me from trespassing on distant fields.  While my multidisciplinary endeavors have yet to make me a field expert, they have shaped me into an integrative and independent thinker.

I am a curious generalist.  My practical aspiration is to become a corporate lawyer who codes.  When I have accumulated enough intellectual and social capital and with a little bit of luck, I too, perhaps, can live an entrepreneurial dream.

The Quest for Knowledge

          My cross-disciplinary venture pushed me to develop rapid learning methods that smoothen my learning curve in new disciplines.  Relying on my analytical skill, I was able to comprehend and converse with my LLM peers in maters-level law courses.  My relentless pursuit in disparate fields earned me the Renaissance Scholar in recognition of my excellence in interdisciplinary fields. 
London School of Economics and Political Science
MSc Law and Accounting
High Merit (Top 20%)
University of southern california
B.A., magna cum laude, Economics & History
Minor in Musical Studies (Piano Performance)